Benefits of Buying a Car Pre-Owned  Vs. New

Benefits of Buying a Car Pre-Owned Vs. New

Many people make the switch to buying Pre-Owned cars due to incredible variety, deals and savings. Despite the psychological stigma associated with the used car market as compared to buying a car new, almost all major car manufacturers offer certified used cars which gives you the best of both worlds. 

It’s been said that certified used vehicles are a bit third option when deciding between buying a new car or a used one. Certified Pre-Owned cars are used vehicles which pass through a inspection & meet a certain set of standards in a Pre-Owned Program set by the manufacturer. Each manufacturer has its own version of a Pre-Owned program. Most include vehicles that are within the seven years and less than 100,000 miles on them. 

The common denominator between each producers program is that they are strictly controlled and carefully restored to new condition. They come with an extended warranty, and often come with a roadside assistance program. In essence, they offer many advantages to buying a new car, but the price of used cars.

Perhaps one of the biggest attractions for the purchase of a new car is the peace of mind that comes with it. It's good to know that the car is covered by a bumper to bumper warranty and if something were to happen when you're traveling, you are supported by a roadside assistance program. Many people make the switch to Pre-Owned cars due to incredible savings as compared to buying new car, while at the same time maintaining the psychological confidence associated with the purchase of a new car.

If you decide to try a used car and you will be surprised to discover that just feels like a new car. Not only because it has been restored, but because it is a lot of bells and whistles of a new car, and the price much lower. If you are looking for a low mileage car that has been restored to normal levels as new, certified used car can be a great option for you. In general, these cars have a single owner and are less than five years old. Like new cars these care come with many advantages such as extended warranties, roadside assistance, reliability, etc.

If you decide to purchase from an individual seller or a used car lot, do not forget to confirm both the car and the seller is reliable. If your not sure what relevant questions to ask about the car, we offer a blog post on 50 Things To Ask and Check Before Buying A Car. So if you are in the market for a car, do yourself a favor, explore the possibility of looking at the Pre-Owned market and visit one of the many dealerships that sell these vehicles. It will definitely be time and money well spent.

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