50 Things To Ask and Check Before Buying A Car

50 Things To Ask and Check Before Buying A Car

Buying your new car is a very crucial decision, especially if you have little to no experience in this sector. There are many important factors that to be considered so here we will provide with a checklist of common questions to always ask before making your final verdict.

A checklist keeps you informed about the caliber of the car and determines its worth both in the market and in your eyes.

We highly recommended you ask the following questions before buying your next car :

  1. Why are you selling the car?
  2. How long has it been since you came in the business of selling cars? (authorized dealers)
  3. What faults are present inside the car?
  4. Why is the price so high?
  5. Why is the price low, as compared to other models?
  6. What is the ownership history?
  7. What is the color of the car? (Colors such as red, yellow and bright green have low resale value)
  8. Has the car ever been painted?
  9. Is the car is wrapped?, if yes, are there any hidden damages beneath the wrap?
  10. Has the car been insured?
  11. How many years has it been since the arrival of this specific model?
  12. Has the car ever been in an accident? If yes, how many times and what parts have been damaged?
  13. Do indicators, hazards and cruise control work in their optimum functionality?
  14. How do the headlights and brake lights work?
  15. How is the car steering?
  16. Do all the windows work?
  17. Do the wipers work?
  18. Do all the doors lock and unlock normally?
  19. Does the speedometer work fine?
  20. Is the internal car roof spotless?
  21. Are there signs of torn seat covers?
  22. Is the dashboard intact?
  23. If present, Is the sunroof functional?
  24. Is the car trunk spacious?
  25. Does the bonnet feel and look okay?
  26. How are the mudguards?
  27. Do the internal components such as a cigarette lighter and cup holder work?
  28. Does it come with its included accessories? (toolbox, jack, warning triangle etc)
  29. What other accessories come with the car? 
  30. How is the heater and AC units inside the car operating?
  31. How do you perceive the quality of sound stereo?
  32. How is the condition of the fenders? Are they welded or bolted?
  33. How is the condition of the front, rear and window glass? Does it have cracks or is it spotless? 
  34. How many keys and remotes come with the car?
  35. Does it appear that the car is showing leakage under its body?
  36. What is the mileage of the car? How many miles has it been driven?
  37. Is the car equipped with alloy rims?
  38. What is the condition of tires? Do they appear new or have they gone ‘bald’ due to their excessive usage?
  39. Does the car come with plain or tubeless tires?
  40. What is the fuel efficiency (per liter) of the car?
  41. What major modifications have been made to the car?
  42. Are the engine cables and radiator (hoses under the hood) firm and tight?
  43. Are catalytic converters and exhaust system intact?
  44. Does thick smoke blow out of the car exhaust?
  45. Are there any black spots near the exhaust pipe?
  46. Has the car passed safety and emissions?
  47. What is the report from Carfax? Is it clean?
  48. Are the service records of the car available?
  49. Can you decrease the price of the car?
  50. Are there any hidden dealer or documented fee before I get to deal with the car negotiation?


We hope this checklist proves itself useful the next time you are looking to purchase your next machine!

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