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Africa's premier online automotive hub that aims to meet all of your automotive needs. We're dedicated to providing you with a top quality experience, as we are established on the basis of simplistic and user friendly design, a world class level of Integrity, and the absolute best in Innovative techniques.

Founded in 2016 by Timson K. Masinde, Concave started it's humble beginnings as a single page website that offered an automotive slideshow of the worlds best, rarest, and most unique vehicles from around the world, available for anyone who shared in our automotive passion to come and see. We wanted to provide a free to use platform, that inspired people despite of their ethnicity, background or beliefs, and showed our visitors what can be made possible through persistence and hard work.

Our goal was to help motivate our visitors to visualize ways in which they can put themselves in a position to attain some of the high performance vehicles that we continue to showcase.

Over the years, Concave's goal to achieve Simplicity, Integrity, and Innovation drove us to continuously carry out extensive research on our customers and other market players, so that Concave Africa can offer you the absolute top tier products and services.

We are glad to say that Concave has since developed into an international car community with visitors from over 80 countries! Our community shares our love for car culture and have come to expect an exceptional level of quality, care, and transparency towards them in all that we aim achieve, provide, and offer. This motivates us continuously strive for excellence.

Myself and my team are thrilled to place our loyal community as our main focus of operations, while at the same time being able to develop our passion into something bigger. We hope you enjoy the products and services that  we will continue to provide to you as much as we enjoy being able to offer them.

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